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Xero Bank Feeds are the best thing sliced bread! No Seriously they are.  Each night your bank pushes through the transactions from your bank to Xero so everyday if you want to, you can reconcile your transactions.  And all the things you can muck up are done for you:




No more getting your 27 and 72 round the wrong way or trying to look for a 5c discrepancy because you typed something in wrong – it’s all there plain to see.

But sometimes bankfeeds go bad. Yes unfortunately it’s a fact of life that sometimes they drop out or double up.  For some reason traditionally Suncorp and Westpac seem to have the most problems but lately CBA Credit cards seem to be the problem. And it’s really frustrating when it doesn’t work. It’s always best to double check the bank balances regularly, in fact we do it as part of our regular monthly processes.

I saw a post on Facebook recently for someone having a problem not being able to reconnect their CBA card feed. They did all the usual things:

Clicked Refresh

Removed Connection

Restarted Browser & generally tried to reconnect.

But it didn’t work.

Various suggestions were posted ranging from “if it’s a personal card CBA won’t allow it” to “if you have it on netbank it should work but not if it’s on combiz”

The end result was a simple one – the person trying to reconnect the feed wasn’t using the internet banking feed of the primary card holder. Once she used her husband’s login (which issn’t recommended – you should get him to login and not give you the details right?), it all connected sweet as pie.

So the bottom line is – check your bank balances regularly against your internet banking to ensure your feeds are all working 100% and if you do need to reconnect the feed, make sure you are the person with the correct authority

Photo credit: xeroaccounting via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND