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Why You Should Use a Cloud Payroll?

It really comes down to accessibility and the ability for people to login on any device, anywhere, anytime.  The beauty about cloud payroll is that the employees can login by their phone, iPad, by the back door or with a computer if absolutely necessary. It actually stops the happenings of time theft, that’s when employees come in at 8.40 but say they come in at 8.30 and also time theft at lunch and morning teas.

When you are not in your business, it actually proves that people turned up when they say they did.  One of the programs that we use a lot at Bookkeeper Hub is Deputy. Deputy is a rostering and scheduling program  but it also doubles as a cloud check-in in clock, when you use it on your phone, it actually takes a stamp using your GPS proving where you were at the time you clocked on.  There was an interesting story told by the people at Deputy when I was doing a webinar about a lady in Brisbane who had 3 cafes – one of her staff checked in at 7.30 to start the shift and interestingly enough, she was meant to be in Chermside on the Northside of Brisbane but the GPS log showed her as being on the south side of the river. As you can see there was a fair amount of time theft going on there, the cost savings to her in payroll are fairly large.

When you link something like Deputy  with a cloud accounting  like Xero, that’s where the magic happens. So what it means is you do the scheduling once, the staff can accept their rosters, click in and off on their timesheets via their mobile devices and then once the manager has approved that the staff were actually there in Deputy, it actually takes the hours directly across to Xero. What this means is no double entry, no handling of scribbled on timesheets and trying to read  whether it is a 6 or an 8, no-one sitting there and manually calculating the hours and putting them into the payroll system for the week.  If you set the link- up between the two correctly, it will cover overtime, all your statutory  holidays, time and half, double time, time in lieu, and anything that you need to.

As I mentioned the big saver is time-saving.  I just cannot understand why anyone wouldn’t look at these options, sure there is a small monthly fee for the service but the time savings in hours paid to your bookkeeper recoup this in the first week.  This means cost savings to you. As we have mentioned in previous blogs, you should have a cloud bookkeeper and you should  have one that charges a fixed price. Even if they are on a fixed price, having the cloud apps like Deputy & Xero working together will significantly reduce that fixed price for your bookkeeper. Not to mention savings in staff wages due to no time theft.

Thanks for listening, if you have any questions feel free to contact Victoria at admin@bookkeeperhub.com.au. Bookkeeper Hub are specialists in Xero Payroll and Deputy integration.



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