Why do Business Owners try to do Everything? (A Minor Rant)

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Why do Business Owners try to do Everything? (A Minor Rant)

We hear it all the time:

“I’m a small business. I can’t afford to employ staff. I need to do it myself.

But you’re so wrong! What you’re doing is hampering your business and ruining relationships with family and friends, as well as driving yourself into the ground from stress. Face the fact: you simply cannot do it all yourself!

I have a long-term client (lets’ call him “Bill”) who is a prime example:

He started his business 10 years ago with funding from investors. From day one, he has been the sales, marketing and and tech support for his business, as well as a general dogsbody. And while the business experienced a growth phase at first, it’s unfortunately declined in the last 5 years.

The reason is simple: Bill is a great “ideas” man and a pretty handy tech but not a great salesman. (He gets frustrated when people don’t understand and love his awesome product.)

We’ve spoken at length over the years about getting a salesperson on board. But his answer is always the same “I can’t afford it.” My answer every time? “You can’t afford not to!”

His business has continued to go downhill to the point where Bill is now the sole employee, playing every role.  The only silver lining? He outsourced his bookkeeping to The Bookkeeper Hub.

Do you think the results would have been different if he had delegated more efficiently or simply employed a sales person? I do.

The takeaway? Don’t be a Bill! Outsource as much as you can to the right people with the right skills. It doesn’t matter what aspect of your business, there are people out there who are better at it than you. Find another staff member, contractor, commission sales person, bookkeeper or virtual assistant. It’s worth it in the long run, trust me.


Photo credit: cseeman via Visualhunt /  CC BY-NC-SA