How You Can Help your Wife Make it to Sports Day?

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How You Can Help your Wife Make it to Sports Day?

If your wife looks after your bookkeeping, think back. Why was she chosen? Did she really want to do it or did she do it to help you and your business?

I’m going to place a small wager here: Your wife did it to help you and she secretly (or not so secretly) hates it! She’d much prefer to make it to your kid’s sport day instead of crunching numbers for hours on end.

Luckily, it’s possible to utilize cloud accounting and decrease the time spent doing your bookkeeping by up to 95%!

Let’s look at the tasks your wife (most likely) does now:

  • Creates invoices in your accounting system
  • Enters bills into your accounting system (typing in all of the details)
  • Enters wages into your accounting system
  • Pays the bills, hopefully using online banking
  • Pays the wages, hopefully using online banking
  • Files the bills and then stores them for 5 years in the back wardrobeor attic
  • Marks off the invoices and bills paid in your accounting system
  • Reconciles your bank account, entering in all the information for each transaction that doesn’t have a bill attached
  • Prepares your business activity statement (or works with your accountant to do it)
  • Chases down payment of invoices (she really hates this one!)

Well guess what? You can automate these tasks and make your wife much happier. This frees up her time so she can do what she wants to do…including going to your kid’s sports day.

The reality is that almost everything in your business can be automated or outsourced. All your wife needs to do is to check which bills she wants to pay, select them, and upload payment details into your online banking as an ABA file.

The same can be done for payroll too!

The go-to solution is Xero, a cloud-based accounting system. The Xero Ecosystem has many add-ons that work seamlessly to perform all the other tasks.

If you’d like information on how to get this awesome automation, contact Victoria at The Bookkeeper Hub via email:

For the month of September, we’re offering free invoice setup so that your invoices will look exactly how they did in your old system (assuming you want them too).

So reach out. Your business will run more smoothly and your wife will be much happier. A win/win for you! (Happy Wife = Happy Life!!!!)


Photo credit: Carter S’ via Visual hunt /  CC BY-NC