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How to Work Smarter not Harder

Most business owners work tirelessly for their business. Yet there are always those who manage to have the time to do the things they want to and get the job done.

Do you think it’s by accident? No way! They simply work smarter not harder.

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, not necessarily. But it’s certainly possible. Try following these next steps as a starter:

  1. Grab some paper, texters and a highlighter.
  2. List all of the jobs you do on a daily basis, then weekly and monthly.
  3. Put a green tick beside tasks you enjoy.
  4. Put a red cross beside the tasks you dislike.
  5. Put a yellow cross beside the jobs you don’t mind doing but you aren’t really good at.
  6. Now take a good, hard look at all of the items marked red and yellow.

For all the items you dislike or aren’t very good at, ask yourself: If I automate or delegate this task, what amount of time could I save? (Take a moment to imagine what you would do with this spare time? Travel? Spend more time with friends or family?)

Then repeat this process every three months to make sure unnecessary tasks don’t creep back in (because they can easily!).

When thinking about how delegation and automation can free up more time, a good bookkeeper with solid, dependable software can assist with the number crunching side of your business. (Ideally, your bookkeeper should have a working relationship with your accountant so your finance team can work seamlessly.)

The Bookkeeper Hub staff members are automation specialists. We love Xero and its ecosystem. It has a proven track record with heaps of apps and programs guaranteed to give time back to your day and help you enjoy life more fully again!

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