How to Spend More Time with your Family

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How to Spend More Time with your Family

Looking to spend more quality time with the people you love and less time toiling away at work? Get ready because the answer is relatively easy:

Build a business that isn’t solely reliant on you.

How? It requires a combination of creating well-honed systems and outsourcing/delegating tasks.

Systems (or processes) are repeatable steps you perform for your business. It’s important to understand and document these systems so they can become automated, taught easily and repeated.

Next, what aspects of your business can you delegate? Simply define what you enjoy doing and then make it your goal to outsource the rest. With teachable systems in place, you can easily parse out the tasks you don’t like but still have them done in a manner you do like.

Create, Teach, Repeat!

Here’s a great example. Below is a system overview of how a local construction company operates:



By automating and delegating as much as possible and having well-structured systems in place, the owner and his wife have substantially reduced the hours spent tending to their business and created more time to spend with their family.

The business owner coaches his son’s footy team and the wife helps out at school tuckshop and attends all events with the kids. Their business is still thriving…but so is their home life!


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