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How to Choose a Great Bookkeeper

All bookkeepers are basically the same, right? No way!

But don’t they just take the paperwork for my BAS then give it to my accountant?

Technically yes, but it’s all about how they do it and the end result they provide your business. Remember: garbage in = garbage out!

First, bookkeepers need qualifications and registration as a BAS agent in order to do your bookwork and prepare your BAS properly. It’s illegal otherwise. (Also if they’re not registered, you can’t claim their fees as a tax deduction.)

Second, your bookkeeper should know the program you use inside and out. (Preferably, he or she is a partner or consultant for that software.)

Third, your bookkeeper should be able to look at your processes and streamline them to minimise paperwork and possible loss of data. If a bookkeeper is doing the job correctly, he or she should be automating as much of the bookwork as possible.

Your accountant should have a solid relationship with your bookkeeper. They are your finance team after all. It’s okay for both sides to ask questions; the important point is that both sides take advice and communicate well.

Last (but not least), your bookkeeper should have the time and resources to get the job done in an acceptable timeframe. (There should also be a back-up or substitute should the need arise. Books can’t wait, unfortunately.)

Oh…did I mention your bookkeeper should charge a fixed price, regardless of hours worked? This amount should be clearly stated in his or her engagement letter.

A bookkeeper working for a fixed price will always work smarter rather than harder because the onus is on them to get the job done in a timeframe that suits the fee, rather than taking their own sweet time, all the while charging you for the privilege.

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