What is Xero?

In the past, accounting was typically done with pen-and-paper systems that often involved an accountant skilled in the use of a calculator and many sheets of paper that needed filling in. It was all about reading from invoice sheets, bills and other financial documents and compiling a business’s books by hands. Nowadays, there are far [...]

What to Look for In Xero Bookkeeper Training Courses

What to Look for In Xero Bookkeeper Training Courses Xero is one of the world’s most popular accounting software packages, thanks in no small part to its ease of use, time-saving ability, and affordability. Whether you are a small business owner or an accounting or bookkeeping professional, Xero can assist in many ways.  It will [...]

What is a Bookkeeper?

What is a Bookkeeper?   As the owner of a small business, keeping the company’s finances in excellent health is one of the most significant challenges of all. Maintaining a great sense of organisation is vital, and you’ve probably thought about hiring either an accountant or a bookkeeper to stay in control.  While a lot [...]